At we believe in being straight forward with our refund policy.

Refund Guarantee Terms

This money back guarantee (refund guarantee) is subject to the provisions outlined below:

A refund will not be granted if:

1) If the a class or evaluation was completed by anyone other than you.

2) Your class or evaluation was never completed (meaning certificate issued)

3) Your certificate of completion or completed evaluation was issued over 30 days prior to receiving your request for a refund.

4) Your completion certificate/evaluation was accepted by one Authority, but rejected by another.

5) A refund will not be granted if the rejection is based on inacurate information provided by client . Please read your court papers or check minimum hours here.

6)The state that your offense occured in is listed as not accepting online classes or evaluations and you failed to get preapproval from the Authority requesting you to complete it. Your can check your state of offense here.

7) Proof of rejection must be in the form of a letter from the rejecting Authority and must be on their letterhead, contain a reference to your case # or name, signed and contain their contact information. This proof of rejection must be received within the 30 day time period and can be faxed or scanned to us. We verify all rejections.

**We do not issue refunds for the cost of expedited reviews or shipping.

**Certain legal jurisdictions (such as Nevada) do not allow refunds after a student has started the class or after they have taken the final exam. They also do not allow refunds if the course has been disabled due to failing a course validation or security question.

Ultimately it is your responsibility to determine whether our services will be accepted by the authority requiring you to take the evaluation or classes. This is an educational distance-learning meant for educational purposes only. Some courts and DMVs do not accept online programs especially for In State Residents.






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