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Online DUI Classes for California

Our DUI programs have been created to meet Court requirements for persons who receive a DUI in the state of California.

Attention California Residents: the California DMV does not accept online programs for reinstatement of a California Drivers License. If you are taking this to satisfy court requirements, you must have preapproval from the Court.

  • Payment plans are available during the registration process
  • If you are a resident of another state you must take the hours that California requires NOT the hours that your state of residence requires!
  • Check States Pages for Eligibility Information

Class Options

Wet Reckless 12 Hours (SB1176) or (AB803) $225.00 wet_reckless

3 Month DUI Offender Program (AB541) $480.00 3_month_1st_Offender

6 Month DUI Offender Program (AB762) $675.00 6_month_DUI_Offender

9 Month DUI Offender Program (AB1353) $900.00 9_month_DUI_Offender

18 Month 2nd Offender Program (SB38) $1170.00 18_Month_2nd_Offender