DUI Classes designed to meet the requirements of the Courts, Probation, DMV, Education, Insurance Companies and Employers.

We are the largest provider of online DUI Classes. Our Classes have been used by thousands of satisfied individuals nationwide to meet their legal requirements since we began offering online classes in 2005.

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DUI Classes - Level I   California DUI (non-resident)

Take this class if you were charged with a DUI / DWI / OWI or any other operating under the influence arrest. We offer classes from 8 - 78 Hours.

This class meets requirements for those persons who receive a DUI in California and reside and hold a license in another state.

DUI Classes - Level II Alcohol Drug Classes

Take this class category if you were charged with a DUI / DWI / OWI or any other operating under the influence arrest and refused the breathylizer or blew over .15. We offer classes from 16 - 78 Hours.


This class is for persons who have been charged with Possession of controlled substance or open intoxicants, Public drunkeness or any offense involving alcohol / drugs that Is not related to driving under the influence. We offer classes from 8 - 24 hours.
2ND Offender DUI Classes MIP Classes
This program meets the requirements of a second driving under the influence conviction charge within 10 years of a prior violation. If you have more than 2 offenses contact us,  for a review of your situation. This class is for those persons under the age of 21 that Have been charged with consumption of alcohol or Possession of a controlled substance. Not for driving Under the influence. we offer classes from 8 - 24 hours.
  Victim Impact Class
  Typically ordered by the Court or Probation, a Victim Impact Class is an program designed to teach class participants about the human consequences of their offense.


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